Help with export of drawings

So I just got a laser cutter that supports dxf files. And in shapr i can export drawings as a dxf file wich is great. But i always delete the drawings and sometimes there are no drawings and i just want to export a face of a 3d model. So to be able to export it, I need to draw it a second time. Maybe there is a way to create drawings automatically or simply export the “edges” of a plane as a drawing (dxf).

For conventional 2D laser cutting, you must export the sketch or drawing layer only. If the drawing is a result of the 3D model, then you must project that surface onto a plane and create a “drawing” of it. Then hide all other items, and export the drawing. There should be no need to delete anything.

And rather than delete the sketches after you’re done making a 3D object, just hide them.

Why not add a construction plane offset from the face you want to create a sketch from, then project that face onto the plane as a sketch?

Personally, I model parts in 3D with the thickness of material to be cut on a laser, modifying them using the modeling tools, then project the face as a sketch for DXF.

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