Help with lofts


I’m not sure if I’m using the loft tool correctly. I can loft between faces of two solids, but I can’t seem to use it like on the little “info” video, because I can’t create faces without a solid. In other apps, I would create outlines, move them to their proper position and then loft them. In Shapr3d, only the outline on a plane is actually filled and loft seems to only work on faces, BUT I can’t make faces out of my outlines. Am I missing a way to create faces only? Or am I missing the shapr3d way period?

You can extrude curves to create faces, and also when you move a sketch filling (yellow)
from it’s plane it will create a face. Currently these are the two ways to create faces. Indeed you can use sketch fillings as well in lofts.

Moving a filling creates a face! That was it, thank you. I knew I had missed it.

Is this in the little tutorial videos?

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No, it is not. :(( but this is going to change as it is in a few weeks.