Need help with filling a shape

I’m a new user and I like this tool a lot but I’m having trouble creating a drawing. I want to fill the attached sketch. I tried to fill/extrude it using the loft tool. When I use this tool the screen displays that it is calculating but it does not complete and my iPad usually reboots.

Is there a better tool or method to draw and fill this shape?


Just wait a day until the next release, and it will work like a charm :slight_smile:

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Fantastic, thanks… :slight_smile:

If you update the app to Shapr3D 3.0 (available in the App Store), this should work properly now.

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I downloaded the new version (3.0), the new features are great! I can successfully fill two sides of my drawing but, when I click the third side, I get an error. I tried it using two different loft sequences (sequence of selecting sides) and neither worked. I have attached screen shots of each of my attempts.

I appreciate your help.


You can’t do that, because that’s not how loft works (in Shapr3D).

You can’t select the bottom, front and side (3 perpendicular faces) to create a loft, because if would result in a self intersection (in other 3D modelers too).

What you probably want to do in the above case is called “Loft Along a Path”. When you have two faces and a “path” that you want to loft along. Now, that’s not something we support at the moment, but we might in the future.


Thanks for this quick response. Even though this is not currently supported, I have figured out a way to get around this limitation. This is a fantastic tool!

David Pedersen
Senior Architect

Great. How did you solve it? Did you create multiple cross sections or used some other trick?

Currently my drawings are for the purpose of rapid prototyping so the shape rounding details are not important. For a final drawing, I will solve it by creating a mold rounding shape that I will rotate and use to subtract it from the part.

David Pedersen
Senior Architect


Ok, got it.

If you have further questions, just let us know. Happy to help.