Mirroring sketches

I am just trying to mirror some sketch lines and this seems like this should be a very easy thing to do but it keeps telling me that mirror failed because sketch constraints could not be solved. If i am mirroring sketch lines the constraints should not matter, would apricate some clarity.

Thank you

I think its because you are trying to mirror part of the sketch onto the sketch itself.

You are correct the centerline was part of the same sketch, but with that being said i still think that should not be a limitation from inside of any sketches you should be able to make a mirror of a sketch line no matter the constraints that is the way most of the Cad programs work from inside their sketch creation. because the way Shapr3D sketcher is setup you are limiting the ability to get you work done faster.

Thank you

Hey @danno11, what version are you using? On the latest, 5.180 the mirror works fine. Can you please share the Shapr3D design if you are running the same version?

Peter thanks for your response back I did get it to mirror it was not working because the vertical mirror line was constrained to the same sketch entities i was trying to mirror. But this process seems a little odd to me because in any other Cad software’s when creating sketches even if the mirror line is constrained it will not stop you from using it as a mirror line if that is the way Shapr3d sketches work it seems to be a workflow issue to me. Also just wanted to tell you that I think the Shapr3d team is doing a great job with the software updates and improvements hopefully many new improvements to the drawings side of the software, I think it will be a very completive software soon against the big Cad software’s.

Thank you

Thanks for the feedback, we try to do our best :slight_smile:

Regarding the mirror issue, can you please send me the workspace or upload a screenshot that shows the constraint relations? I’d be happy to check.