Mirror tool inside sketch environment

After looking for some time and searching the forum, am I correct to conclude that ‘mirror’ tool doesn’t exist inside sketch environment?
Is the only way to mirror is to mirror a sketch which creates 2 or more additional sketches?

I don’t quite understand what you’re asking.

Click ‘Transform’ and there you will find ‘Mirror’ listed.

You’re right, there is no mirror tool in sketch mode but you can fake one by rotating your sketch by 180 degrees around a point on the same plane. It’s sometimes faster than leaving sketch mode and using the mirror tool.

@timberlupus @gex

I misunderstood what was being asked.

If I now understand correctly, you don’t wish to come out of sketching to find the mirror tool?

(This takes 3 clicks: Escape > Tools >Mirror before returning to sketching).

An alternative is Command+F > M to select Mirror before returning to sketching.

I guess it would be helpful if there was a ‘mirror’ tool right there in the sketch environment but when you use the tools frequently it becomes second nature.

Using the mirror tool makes you loose your selection. With my solution you stay in sketch mode and you keep the selected lines. I prefer to use this method in certain situations. And I need to hit M only.

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I wonder if there’s some kind of bug/glitch :open_mouth:
I don’t have any issues with my selection when selecting the mirror tool. I certainly don’t lose my selection.
I can either select the sketch I wish to mirror then hit Command+F > M then select the axis/plane I wish to mirror around…
…or I hit Command+F > M first then select my sketch and mirror axis/plane.

using mirror:

  • exit sketch mode immediately
  • loose selection

Kapture 2023-09-10 at 06.20.42

using move:

  • stay in sketch mode
  • selection is still available for further operations

Kapture 2023-09-10 at 06.26.15

That’s great solution @gex just not sure if that would apply to all use cases.
How would that apply if it needs to be done over different mirror line, the one that’s not coincident to lines you are mirroring?

well, it’s not perfect and it has limits as well. i just wanted to show you an alternative to the mirror tool. i use this a lot when i don’t want to leave the sketch mode or i don’t want to loose my selection because it’s 8, 10 or more lines.

it doesn’t need to be coincident though, you can move the gizmo anywhere you want. but you have 2 directions only, they’re aligned to the grid what is enough for me in 99% of the cases.

for everything else, you have the dedicated mirror tool :slight_smile:

Yes, forgot about moving gizmo. I think you are right, this could serve as a solution in majority of cases.
I guess being used to mirror tool in other CAD software it seems weird not to have it. LOL
Thank you @gex

I don’t wish to be drawn into a long running debate so I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way that @gex performed his pseudo-mirror operation (I’ve done this myself many times in the past) it is certainly not the most ideal or efficient way to perform a mirror operation.

While copy/move/rotate 180deg has it’s place, it’s only ideal in specific cases and actually requires the same, if not more actions to perform.

In the first example I had to perform the following (8) operations:

select sketch (by drawing a marquee over it)
select move
select copy
move cursor to axis point
switch to 3D view
select rotate
type 180deg
select top down view

In the second example I performed the following (6) operations:

select sketch (by drawing a marquee over it)
select Command+F
select Mirror
select axis point
select Confirm
select sketch mode

Notice that I did not lose the selection. This is because I never exited sketch mode and instead used Command+F to invoke the command tools while still in sketch mode.

Once the operation has been completed you are indeed kicked out of sketch mode but a simple click brings you back in.

You’ll notice that using the first example it is necessary to switch to 3D view in order to perform the rotation around the axis before returning to 2D view afterwards.

While many people like to sketch in 3D view (myself included) many people sketch exclusively in 2D view (architects, engineers etc) and switching to 3D view each time would quickly become frustrating.

In the third example it becomes clear that the Mirror command is invaluable and once accustomed to the shortcut it becomes second nature.

In addition to the workarounds listed above: a Mirror tool dedicated for sketching that also sets up the necessary symmetry constraints to maintain the mirrored state is coming soon.


Brilliant! :+1:

But on ipad I can tick it off…and everything good…

you completely forgot about your mirror axis what you need to create and in most cases delete after mirroring. i think we can agree on that using one of the x and y axes is a very special use case, and it’s easy to say you had to make less operations this way. like i could have moved my gizmo and turn on copy earlier.

btw selecting rotate is not a step and i didn’t write anything so it’s 6 steps in reality. but with the “optimizations” above my solution would have been 4 steps only. so we can say it’s more efficient.

but honestly this is a really stupid argument, everyone should use the tool that makes them faster, in my case it’s rotating my sketches.