Need To Change Part Length But Can't

I’m just getting started with Shapr3D and I just finished creating a constrained, extruded sketch of a part I wish to 3d print. It’s basically a clamp with elongated tabs which are used to squeeze against what it’s going to attach to.

I was looking back over the part and I noticed a made an error in the lengths of the elongated tabs. I’ve tried to change the tab lengths to the correct size and I can’t get the part to change after making the correction in the sketch. Any ideas on how I can change the tab lengths without having to redesign the part from the very beginning again? Thanks.

Forget about the sketch. Just change the length on the extruded body to suite.
Here I used Split Body. Afterwards you can do a Union to your desired length.
BTW, after you’ve extruded a body from a sketch, the sketch no longer has a relationship with the new body.

@TigerMike Thank you for the kind reply. It would be nice if the sketch and the extruded body were still in relationship with each other. It seems, I guess maybe just to me, that if I could just change the sketch, the extruded body would follow. Maybe it would be a good feature request to be able to have both - the extruded body in relationship with the sketch and the extruded body out of relationship with the sketch. Just a thought.

Hi, take a look at this post :+1:t2:

@Robert Thanks for the reply. I watched 3 Tube videos for Shapr3D’s History-Based Parametric Modeling. Most interesting indeed. Can’t wait to give it a spin.

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