Help with simple curve

Hello, I’m trying to add a consistent concave path between these two outlines. The purpose is to give the guitar some shape, similar to how PRS guitars are done but on a Telecaster design.

Interesting just looked at PRS Guitars on youtube .
Im about to build a guitar for my son.

I use Vectric aspire alot for my cnc and in Aspire we have a thing called”sweep between 2lines”

You there draw 2 lines then apply the curve as a model and it sweeps between the lines.

Must be possible here also with sweep function as it works similar

Simple test that will work as i thought

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I think @Jonas method is the best way to create the curved surface you are after.
Here is a very different and interesting approach. You can project Imprinted Body Edges on a surface and lift it with the Move-Rotate tool. This method may not apply here but I just wanted to share.