Hey guys, may i know what's going on the face?

I’m a interior designer new to here, I’m using Shapr3d for the first time and so far so good!
today when I opened the project file I foundthe model surface has turned light blue, and I don’t know what’s wrong, appreciate any help!


It’s indicating sketch fillings you can interact with.

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Thank you for your reply, how can I cancel it?

You can select and delete them, hide the sketch plane, or ignore them, as they don’t really do anything unless you interact with them.

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Sorry i started using shaper3d yesterday, i tried to select the face and delete it, but not working.

Could you record a short video of what’s happening? Do you get any error message?

It disappeared while I was doing other modeling work, I’ll record it next time it happens!

This happens a lot to me. A blue shaded ‘face’ either on plane with an object face or within open space (such as within a window frame for example). Often selecting the blue shaded ‘sketch’ face and deleting doesn’t work so I select it, isolate to find and select the sketch geometry and then delete.

I’m not very tidy with my sketches so come across this frequently. A regular search and delete purge of sketches via the items manager helps to avoid the problem.


Very useful tips!
I’ll follow your tip and delete it when it happens next time.
Thank you so much Wrigley!