Deleting Bodies

Aloha e Kumu’s,

I’m new to Shapr3D, but I think I found a glitch in the programming. I’m trying to remove some “bridges” from my terraced garden piece, but they will not be removed, no matter what I do. I tried deleting the faces, it wouldn’t work. I tried the subtract tool, that didn’t work. When I highlighted the pieces to remove them, the done button doesn’t pop up. It’s not a complex piece, it’s just a plane. The small pieces highlighted in blue are what I’m trying to remove; I need some help please!
Olu’Olu a Mahalo,

This is what happens when I try to delete the face, I think it’s glitching. The piece is nothing complex; I just drew a square and made it three-dimensional, and now I can’t get rid of them.

Hide the sketches first. Then try deleting.

Thank you, but that didn’t work.

Can you please share the model here or or We will take a look. Not sure I understand the problem from the screenshots