Just bought another subscription to test the new features and was wondering is there a tutor that shows how to make a hinge?


Zero replies. Thanks Shapr3d staff. That was really helpful!!

I haven’t seen a tutorial for a hinge. But this is a very simple design for the hinge itself. Basically you have a cylinder with an extruded hole and another cylinder (pin) that fits inside. Depending on the construction method, dimensional tolerances will vary. Ornate versions may be more difficult.


Hi Terry, I apologize for the delay in response time. Please upload an image of the kind of hinge you will like to model - we will be glad to proffer workarounds and assist.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Victor,

Thank you for your response. Much appreciated. I’ve given up on the hinge for now. Buy I am curious if there’s a tutorial (or if Shapr3d is capable of) on modeling the human body or Figure?

Thank you.

@drakermann did something like that for his home-mobility project. Here is a case study about it: https://www.shapr3d.com/story/design-process-ipad-modeling-industrial

Hope it helps. Also, if you ever get back to the hinge, happy to show you how to recreate it