Hobbyists - how do you manage due to no hobbyist plan/price?

I’m a weekend warrior type of woodworker and design only a few small projects per year as a hobby. Shapr3D has been super helpful in “materializing” the designs in 3D iPad drawings. I appreciate that the app is available for free. It is a great tool, big thanks to the team for building it!

The small number of projects I build per year and their relatively low complexity makes it hard to justify paying the full price for the annual subscription. Even paying for a monthly subscription and cancelling it feels a bit too much. The app wouldn’t get that much of a use for my simple ideas. Having said that, I would be happy to support the team with a per-project payment. As a customer, I’m not in the right position to come up with the price, but since you asked for a number paying $5 per design would look reasonable. Thanks for considering this as an option!