Perpetual License


is there any future plan for perpetual license? I have subscribed for the annual plan, but i only used during small project. I don’t see much value on trying to renew if i’m only doing 5 to six project a year. please seriously consider a perpetual license. thanks


I hope Shapr3d offer a one-time payment option? (without a subscription)
Even the price is $1000, I will still buy it, as a student.

If you’re a student, you can get the student license for free…!

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Thank you.

I am in Senior high school, so I am not sure my request to use educational will be approve each year by shapr3d. Or will they?

Well, are you planning for college? If so, then it will continue.

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I would prefer a one time purchase. I get it, residual income from multiple people is a more lucrative business model but just not one for may people. Most Businesses sadly follow this trend.

I am also willing to spent a higher amount one time rather than sub. I don’t like rent, lease or borrow.

@admins You should really consider a one time option!

Hi @jomant , I understand that our pricing model does not work for your use case. We try to make Shapr3D as accessible as possible, but unfortunately a one time payment option would quickly lead to bankruptcy. The subscription enables us have a lower entry price point and to keep delivering new features every 2 weeks.

Shapr3D is one of the cheapest options on the marked.

The ones that are cheaper or free have either less features/fewer innovations/updates
or have an insanely high price for pro users and a large enough pool of paying customers to counter the ones who are getting it for free(without being a student) or cheap.
One time purchase option is just not feasible in this marked

Sketchup is now available on Ipad Btw.
The experience is inferior to shapr3d in my opinion…
But they do have a cheeper option than shapr3d, and it starts at 119usd a year.
But then again they charge 2x the price of shapr3d for their top tier option.
I’m also guessing sketchup has a bigger pool of paying customers?

Another option is Onshape. They have a free option, but all your designs will be open for anyone to see.
Their paying price is 5x-8x the price of shapr3d.

Fusion 360 doesn’t have a ipad option yet and it’s 2x the price of shapr3d.
They do have a free for personal use option with limited features. But again the pro’s and pool of paying users are paying for that. Fusion 360 is also made by autodesk. Autocad from autodesk is again 10x the price of Shapr3d.

Personally I don’t want the Pro price of shapr3d to go up to support a cheaper option. They tried, but I’m glad they reversed it to the price they have today. I like using all the pro features and 239 a year is ok for me. (Even though I don’t make money off it or have a high paying sallary)

If they could offer a STL export only option for 10usd a month, sure. But not if that means they would have to raise the prices for the rest of us who want the other features and exports.

Shapr3d 140? employees need their competitive IT salary, office space and equipment. And their investors and owners would want to see their investment being a good one.

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