Pre-purchase subscription question

I’m not sure where to address my question about this, but I’ll try to summarize here .

I discovered Shapr3D recently and I absolutely love this app. I feel like I have finally found the 3d modeling app I can commit to. I am an occasional user making simple architectural plans for personal use, but I need the features and benefits of the pro version. Based on the unpredictable and sporadic usage patterns I anticipate, for me the subscription model both monthly or yearly is really quite steep and would not work. Just paying endlessly for something I may use occasionally makes absolutely no sense. I’m happy to make a one time purchase, but the subscription format would force me to look elsewhere.

Is there a one time purchase option? I’m not sure what to do although I really want to commit to this app. Apologies if my post is inappropriate for this forum.

Hi, no there isn’t, but you can turn your subscription on and off anytime.

It’s a model that works well for your company to extract the most money possible from customers. It’s not a model for casual users. Thanks I’ll look elsewhere.

$20 for a month of use, when you need to use it, is too extreme?

You’re referring to the annual plan, which would be an outlay of $239.99 (if my memory is correct). Then that would equal $20/mo.

It’s $29.99 month to month. I wouldn’t be using it regularly. And if I have no need for weeks or months at a time, well why would I want to be renting software I’m not using?

This is why the one-time purchase is still important in the world. I might even pay $239.99 for it, if it’s one time. Over and done. Not to worry again about it. But if I’m not using the program for a while and every month I’m getting billed, or in eleven months I get automatically charged another $239.99, well, I’d be rather upset. Wouldn’t you? It’s a psychological equation for each person’s needs.

Camtasia is a good example - one time cost. Then when they release upgrades, you have the option to pay for an upgrade or not depending on your needs. Camtasia is a product I use on occasion in this way, and I’m satisfied with that.

Still, I might go month to month with Shapr3D just to work on a couple projects then cancel. I’ve been playing around with the tutorials and I really like it. I am just a strong opponent to the endless subscription model. It might work for professionals who use it constantly, but for casual amateur users, the subscription is a hard pass. The constant revenue stream overwhelmingly favors the company, not the casual user. The CEO replied before, maybe he can chime in.

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I stand corrected. $29. Use it for up to a month. Then whenever your need to use it gain, another $29.

No worries, I think that’s what I’ll do. Cheers

This question comes up on a regular basis when new users arrive.
Im pretty sure they will never do the one time payment option. It´s just doesnt make financially sense. It also highly unpractical if they would need to service to old versions to prevent bugs and security issues when IOS updates and changes.
It´s not cheap to have 130(?) employees and updating the app every 2 weeks. They need a reliable revenue and they can`t rely on getting enough new users every month.

As a hobbiest myself, that doesn`t earn money on my designs, I think the 20/29usd a month is fair to spend on my main hobby. They Cut their PRO plan in half and I applaud them for that.
Shapr3D does have free plan that Is mainly just limited on export/import, 2D drawings and now visualisation.
The new Shapr3D Pro plan also price puts them on pair with Sketchup Pro. Sketchup do have a cheaper and more expensive plan too though. (119USD a year for Shop and 599usd a year for Studio). Sketchup is also in Beta for an ipad version.

Shapr3d could maby do some changes to the free version and allow some more export/import. Or they come with a more limited 119usd a year hobby plan similar to Sketchup. But their 20/29USD a month is actually already a bargain in the CAD world.

In comparasent Onshape (another CAD program on the Ipad) is 1500-2000usd a year. Almost 10x the price.
Onshape does have a free plan, but your designs would be open for anyone to see and copy. I also prefer using Shapr3d over Onshape since Shapr3d was made for Ipad, while Onshape is a web based CAD program that was made available for the Ipad. In other words Shapr3d has alot better UX/UI than Onshape on the Ipad.
Solidworks doesńt even have an ipad option, and they are 3990usd - 5990usd license fee + 1299usd a year for support and updates.
Fusion360 is 60usd a month. It has a limited free version that has more features than shapr3d, but they have the bigger paying following to offset that cost. Fusion360 also doesn`t have an Ipad app yet (other than viewers)


All good points, thanks for the comments. And good perspective relative to other CAD programs. I will reconsider.

I like your idea of a little more functionality, like to save (export/import) my own designs locally (in a secure native Shapr format is fine), in the free version or have a limited Hobbyist version for much less money. My budget in retirement can’t cover the Pro version cost and this is not my only hobby.

I’m an old guy, and I remember what software packages used to cost back in the early 90’s (AutoCad, Microstation, DB III, Multimate, Lotus, etc), so when I see that I can get a software like Shapr3D for $0.75 a day, it’s like I’ve gone to heaven. Yeah, there are some things about it that wouldn’t fly with a lot of big users, but you get a lot of bang for the buck the way it is.

The way I look at it, the monthly/yearly license is an investment. If I thought the developers were all laying on the beach in Fiji and it would never get better, then I might have second thoughts. But as it stands, it’s obvious that the product development is very fluid and they actually take our feedback seriously. I haven’t used it very long, but I almost feel like I’m a part owner.

But at the end of the day, if it’s too much, it’s too much, but I vote to keep it the way it is so time and energy is spent on new features rather than building alternate versions and maintaining old ones.