How to delete a hole in a solid - can’t heal wound

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I’ve punched a hole through a solid, and since learned in the real physical world this will be too close to the edge.

Normally if I need to modify a hole, I click the inside surface of the hole, delete that inside surface and my hole goes away, then make a new corrected hole. If there’s fillets/chamfers involves, then it’s a bit more hairy, but normally eventually get it.

THiS hole however, possibly because it’s fillets have become combined with the fillets on the solids edge, can’t be deleted. Also fillets can’t be deleted or set back to zero - at least as far as I can tell - does that sound right?

Most ‘delete’ attempts either have 0 effect, or raise a “can’t delete face, can’t heal wound”.

Any ideas how I can delete or even move my hole?

Not trying to be a smartass but if all else fails, could you fill it in?

Hi -

Gerry’s idea can work :slight_smile:

But generally you can move holes with Move/Rotate/Scale, though I’m not sure it would work in this specific case. If you want we can have a look,

Can you post a screenshot of the hole?

Good plan, I tried, but i couldn’t get then inserted shape to ‘union’ sucessfully. Thanks though.

Good to know it holes are movable,thanks Dan. For the exercise I made some other shapes and played with moving holes round and tried to replicate the behaviour.

That said, I couldn’t transfer the lessons learned to the problem hole. I’ll take you up on that and send to


Thanks istvan - images attached

It’s of course with two P

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I was trying to figure this out myself and finally did. Here’s what you do.

  1. Use back the same shape to cut out to fill in.
  2. Flatten it down to the same thickness as your base object.
  3. Last step to merge it back is to select the cutout and the main object and Union them!