Issue with making hole

Hi! I am trying to change this cylinder into a hole that will go though the whole object. I am trying to use the subtract tool but it does not work.

If you touch the top surface, the circle should turn light blue. Then push it down, all the way through.

Hi @eokovacs, what happens exactly when it doesn’t work?

This is what happens when I try to drag down the face. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I am still new

This is what happens when I try to use the subtract tool. I am prob doing something wrong lol.(sorry for the extra post, it wouldn’t let me upload both in the same post)

Apparently in the first video you have already united the two bodies. In second video it looks like the cylinder is not going in to the sphere. Can you move away the bodies a little bit just to see how they look like?

I see. It seems the two parts are a union. A workaround might be to add a plane at the top of that cylinder. Then draw a circle identical to the diameter of the cylinder, then push it downward.

If you were to redraw the object, ensure the sphere and cylinder are separate objects, i.e.: not unioned. That should allow you to subtract the cylinder.

I have attached a screenshot with the sphere moved away a bit. The parts are not unionized together

Can you share the workspace in .shapr format?

Here’s my observation. In you 2nd video you are trying to subtract the cylinder from the sphere and the base in one operation. I suspect the cylinder is not protruding through the base therefore that subtract will not work. Do the Subtract again but in two operations. Subtract the cylinder from the sphere and see what happens. Then try subtracting the cylinder from the base.

One more thought.
Is it your intent to have the cylinder and the base as one body?
And, then subtract that body from the sphere therefore leaving the sphere with a hole down the center and the bottom sheared off?

That worked, thanks