Hot tip: Command search

Did you know that the Shapr3D app has the command search feature?

You don’t have to rifle through the app to find tools, buttons, and switches anymore. You can just trigger a search and type in what you’re looking for.

This feature is available for both iPad and Mac. If you’re using the app on your iPad, make sure to download the latest update, 4.5.

There are a couple different ways you can trigger a search:

  • Go to Menu > Help > Search Commands, and use your physical or on-screen keyboard to type in words related to the command in the search box. If you’re using iOS 14, you can directly write in the search box with your Apple Pencil.
  • Press the Command and F keys on the keyboard, and type in words related to the command in the search box.
  • Start typing the name of the command on the keyboard.

The search box will automatically show all relevant commands. Once you find the command you want to run, you can either press the Return key or select the suggestion. If you want to close the command search without running the suggested command, just tap or click outside of the search box or press the Escape key.

For more details, check out our articles for iPad and Mac.


I don’t see any way to use this feature on the iPad. Yes, I have version 4.5. Menu > Help > Search Commands what does that mean?

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Please refer to this screenshot to see the menu path:

Cool, thanks!