iPad - 4.5 - Command search is here!

Hi everyone!

It’s time to download the latest update: 4.5 :partying_face:

We’ve got some juicy updates:

  • Open the brand-new search bar and start typing the name of a command. The tool will pop up right away, and you can make changes without combing through the menus.
  • The Chamfer/Fillet and Offset Face tools are available in the Tools menu. You can still find these tools in the adaptive menu (that custom, smart menu that appears based on your selection), but it doesn’t hurt to have more than one way to select a tool. And, we added an extra shortcut: Select a face or body to auto-select all connected edges for chamfering or filleting.

We also came down hard on the culprits that made the app buggy. Here’s what you can expect with version 4.5:

  • The imported 2D drawings in your project will no longer run the risk of being out of sync with relevant 3D bodies. So, any changes to bodies will be reflected accurately in the 2D drawings and those drawings are guaranteed to be editable and up to date.
  • The new Area Selection tool for mouse and trackpad had some rough edges, so we smoothed them out. Selecting multiple sketches and bodies while editing your models should be easy-breezy now.
  • There was an unfortunate snafu that crashed the onboarding tutorial, so we cracked down on that. If you’re new to Shapr3D, be sure to give the tutorial a go.
  • Sometimes the last digit or letter of the Color tool’s hex code would go rogue and change. We definitely don’t want this to happen anymore, so we took care of this bug in the backend.

Do you have any plans to expand the search feature to include the design tree? My designs are getting so large that I’m losing track of hidden parts and a search tool for the folder tree would be much appreciated.