3.59.1 - A full facelift & command search


Before we jump into a full rundown of what’s new in version 3.59.1, let’s get one thing straight:

Shapr3D for macOS will be compatible with Big Sur only, effective version 3.59.1.
For details on upgrading to macOS Big Sur, check out Apple’s recommendations.

If you’re a Big Sur user, you can take a good look at our all-new facelift:

  • Your design’s name is displayed right at the top, so you can’t miss it. And, you can go back to the dashboard, activate section view, adjust snapping preferences, and manage view and unit settings from the title bar.
  • You can access the appearance settings and Learn, Import, and Export buttons in the menu bar. If you’d rather not use the keyboard shortcuts for Undo and Redo, you can also go to the menu bar to run those commands.
  • We spruced up the Orientation Cube, annotations, icons, and other visual elements in the UI.

And last but not least, we have a new beta feature, hot off the press: search bar. You can type in keywords in the search bar and easily find modeling and sketching commands, like Boolean and Offset Edge tools, without combing through our menus.

You can trigger searches by selecting Search Commands in the Help menu, but it’s easier to just press Command and F, or one of the arrow keys on your keyboard. Or, just start typing words and the search bar will automatically show a list of relevant tools. If you want to run the last command, just hit the left arrow key.

We know convenience is king, so we’ll keep brushing up this search feature.


Hi there,
I just downloaded this version. I’m on an iMac Pro running Big Sur 11.2.1
Where are the Undo-Redo buttons?


The buttons got removed from the UI. They are in the “Edit” macOS menu, but it’s easier to use the cmd+z and cmd+shift+z combinations.

Alternatively, you can enter Undo or Redo to the Search field and access them from there.

Thank you for the prompt reply.
FWIW, I like having the Undo-Redo buttons as before. Now (as a leftie) I have to let go of the mouse to use the keyboard shortcuts, or, I can go to the Edit menu. Either way, it is extra steps than having the buttons as before.

On a side note, as far as navigation goes, if one uses the Apple Magic (or Mighty) Mouse, you can scroll the surface of the mouse, meaning no need to right click and drag as shown below. You still need to use the shift key or ^ key accordingly.

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