How can I create a trapezoid?


can anyone of you more experienced shaprs out there tell me how I can make a correction with this trapezoid? As you can see here, I managed to draw one trapezoid, but I when I drew the second one I wanted to correct the angle in the bottom left corner (to 99,207 degrees). When I did that, the bottom line jumped upwards and is now inclining. What do I need to do to move it back so it’s horizontal so that it looks like the upper trapezoid?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers, Zumen

Use parallel constraint on the 2 longest lines.

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Thank you so much, Oregonerd. It worked ! :smiley:

However, the first trapezoid in the first trapezoid (above) should be identical as in the second one but
in the second one there’s a little gap in the to right corner (see next post). How did this get here and what should I do to remove it?

Delete the top line and redraw and then hit the parallel constraint. Check your angles and distances and remember you can lock all of those attributes in place.

Also, you can use the move tool to duplicate any lines in a drawing.

Thanks again, Oregonerd! It worked :smiley: Can I duplicate the entire trapezoid?

Yes, any line or group of sketch elements selected can be duplicated in sketches.

Sounds great. So, if I wanted to duplicate this trapezoid I would at first have to select the four lines

of the trapezoid. The problem is, that when I click on the bottom line Shapr3D selects the entire line. Can I deselect that long bottom line?
Secondly, how can I then duplicate the trapezoid. Is that similar to Office (Crtl + C and then Crtl + V)?

You can “trim” the connecting line between the 2.

OK, I got it. Thanks :smiley: