How can i just delete face

How can I just delete what i highlighted in Blue? I have to opposing each other on the round face and i need to delete that bump with the hole in it…

Or do I have to start all over again with my base model i have?

Try beginning with the hole. Touch it’s sides, then hit Delete. Then the chamfers, delete. This should bring you to a basic shape. Try deleting it.

Yes I was able to delete the hole and then a couple of the champs but the rest would not delete it should be a way to do that

Is it unioned to the inner part? If you go the folders view, can you view the item as a separate body? If you can, you can delete it. If it’s unioned, then it will be more difficult.

I did find if it was completely a sketch you could delete the sketch and it would just disappear I just gotta figure out why I didn’t have the sketch

Yeah I think that’s what happened I probably did that area to get the chamfers, lessened learned

It happens. We all learn from our mistakes, then we think things ahead a bit more, avoiding Union until doing the finished design. I save versions to Files frequently, so I can go backward, if needed.