Can’t delete face. Can’t heal wound

What is this? I can’t delete images I’ve created and cannot undo. So getting a message Can’t delete face. Can’t heal wound. Well yeah that’s great but as a beginner (with an hour of tutorials) a bit strange that I can’t undo to reverse what ever I can pt now delete?
Guess I’ll start a new design

Thanks for any tips

Can you post a screenshot of the issue?

I can’t reproduce now. It’s ok. I think was when laying multiple pieces on top of each other then no actual way to back back back (undo) out to see and work on the base parts again. I think I realized with some functionality you only get one shot at it. So I started a new design and now build up from the base part, every drawing or part is built/designed away from the centre axis (main part) then when happy I lay each piece onto the centre axis body. Sort of how you would in real life. So all part workings (learning good and bad) and designs are laying around the outside in a work area.

Can I leave a text box within the design? So I can leave notes of my thoughts / logic within the design spaces.

Hi, great to know that you found a way around the issue. Feel free to get back to us if you experience any further issues, we will here to assist.
We do not have a comment feature within the workspace. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks. Adding comments like a note pad would be great. I’m constantly having to go into Pages app to jot down my thoughts and technical requirements. Being able to insert a text box or just free write with the pencil on the page would save me some time and make the work a lot more messy in a good way (combining the technical with the abstract thinking)

Hi Rob, thanks for the feedback. I will pass it on to our product team.

Hope someone can help me here :slight_smile: I’m having this issue now and its driving me insane, spent nearly an hour trying to work out how to delete a shape from my design. anyone have any ideas on how to make this work. I’ve selected a part of the design (shown up in blue) and click on delete, but it won’t delete and just get a message saying can’t delete face. . when I check the layers. it seems the part can’t be isolated from the rest of the design as its all sitting all on one layer. . how can a separate this part from the rest of the design in that layer? I’m guessing that’s the key to be able to delete this bit, thanks in advance!

Hi! In some cases, the faces can only be removed in the right order. Can you please upload a screenshot of the face you wish to remove?

hi Pete, thanks for the quick reply, just trying to start from scratch and actually coming across this problem again - see screen shot, just created this cylinder and it wont’ let me delete it funny enough.

when I click on delete the error messages says can’t delete face. can’t heal wound, before reverting the screen above.

Oh, I think I see the problem. Can you please confirm that only the faces are selected? Maybe not all three of them, just two. The edges are still shown with black which means they are not selected. After removing the selected faces, only surfaces would remain that are not supported currently.
Can you please double-tap on the cylindrical body, then hit delete? Double tapping on it with the pencil lets you select the whole body.

thanks Peter, that worked for this one. but for my other design. when I do the double tap on the item, it won’t let me just delete a part of the design, giving the same error, I can only delete everything or nothing. any ideas on this? the components are all on the same layer.

There can be many reasons for that, it is hard to find that out without more details. Can you please upload some screenshots with descriptions or send us to