How To Fillet, Bevel or Chamfer Edges on Body?

How To Fillet, Bevel or Chamfer Edges on Body?


Thank you so much Mike, appreciate it.

Great help, but I guess I am still missing something substantial here.
For some reason, I can’t get the same result.

I also wanted to delete the inner face, I think that’s the face preventing me from getting a similar result. But from some reason, I can’t delete that large face. The app tells me, I can’t delete, because it would create a hole in the body.

hmmm… not sure what I am missing here.

and… I am running into the issue, that I can’t delete one face.

Not sure why, and how I could change that, so I could delete the face or the edges to create just a straight line, and to remove that edge / bump.

You cannot delete a face. Here’s two ways to get rid of that middle face. First, you need to remove the radii at the inner corners. At the very end I made the entire new face parallel with the outside face.


wow, Mike… thank you so much and Happy New Year.
This was super helpful. Coming from Polygonal Modeling, this is quite different.
But thanks to your short video, that explains… this was a lightbulb moment for me!

Thank you sooooo much!!!

But heck, in this case… I want to remove this tiny edge, but for some reason, I can’t.

hmmm… still no chance to resolve that edge… not sure why it’s behaving that way. I can’t get a clean bevel, that one corner causes issues.

Ben, try Replace Face. Tap on the face you want to change (#1 below), then the face you want to replace it with, #2, then hit the Replace Face command.