How do I align multiple objects with a plane?

I’m building a ‘city’ with buildings. Some buildings and other assets are floating around away from the default planes due to the nature of how they were constructed, not all from the default plane(s).

How can I align the bases (bottoms) of all the buildings and other objects with each other’s bases or a specified plane?

Thanks in advance!


You can create a construction plane on the default plane, and align to that, though even if you select multiple bodies, only one will exactly align to that, the rest will keep their relative position to the body selected to be aligned.

OK, thank you. I had thought of that, but be a good future feature (along with .FBX export!) to be able to align to a default (shapr3d) plane and have all the selected object selected edges or faces align to the plane. Suit our original use case. (We’re designing a video game using Shapr3d!) :slight_smile:

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Being able to align to the default plane is on our roadmap, but sometime only after the History Based Parametric Modeling is out for the public, aligning multiple bodies this way is not yet prioritized.