How do I align things?


I have a 2mm-thick square shape that has been extruded 2cm tall. I need to drill holes into each side of the square, in exactly the centre of each side (both horizontally and vertically).

In the past, to create holes, I have just created a circle, extruded it, and then subtracted it from the thing I wanted the hole in. However, that was all done “by eye” - I didn’t need to know if the hole was exactly in the centre or not. This time I do need to get it precisely in the middle of each side of the square.

Could someone please talk me through this process?

Thanks in advance,

…also, how do I add images in my forum posts on an iPad? Would like to show you exactly what I mean but can’t figure out how…

When you select an edge and a point of a sketch, you should see a dimension. You can use that dimension to align your sketch.

I draw diagonal lines from each corner than line your circle to the intersection point
Than delete the lines than extrude your cut.

Like wise if I need the hole in a particular place I use parallels or offset lines to align the position.

There maybe easier ways but I have used this for years for construction lines

Hope this helps

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