How do I edit a sketch after it's been extruded?

is this a hidden feature not included in the demo?

After extruding a face from a sketch, the object is simply placed on top of (assuming positive extrusion) the sketch. Rotating below the newly created extrusion or moving it to a new location will reveal the sketch underneath.

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ok, so I delete the extrusion, make my changes, then re-extrude?

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Or you can grab the relevant faces and interact with them directly:


thanks for the reply

not sure how to do this with an extruded shape from splines.

but the sketch now has nothing to do with the extrude except being attached so I can’t delete just the extrude. - ok I deleted the first body, extruded a new one. but now I’m starting over. so all my other features are gone. am I missing something?

Depending on the design, you may have to take a few steps backward. Nex time create some copies before applying bigger modifications on the model, that way you’ll not have to start from scratch if the base shape needs refinements.

Being able to edit the base sketch of an extruded body is a pretty common function in CAD software. PTC Creo, Solidworks, AutoCAD, all have this feature. Are there any plans to introduce it to SHAPR3D? I’m coming from a traditional PC based CAD tool and this is a hinderance to me adopting SHAPR3D as my primary tool.

I have excellent news: history based parametric modeling is already in beta, you can try it for yourself.