Problem with changing sketch after extrusion

Dear Shaper Team I have a problem and when I make a sketch and then extrude it and want to change it after extruding it, it doesn’t work anymore. But it should be possible that my extruded part remains changeable without me having to destroy it and then extrude it again. An example is when I have drawn an arc and then extrude this arc. After extruding it I can’t change the radius or maybe I just don’t know how. I am used to just changing the sketch and then the part changes. How does this work in shaper?

Shapr3D is a direct modeling tool in which you can manipulate 3D objects directly, not via adjusting the sketches they were created from. In many cases, you can manipulate the surfaces directly to the shape you’d need. If you need to (or want to) base your model fully on the sketches, at the moment there’s indeed no other way than deleting the body and extruding your sketch again.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the different approaches: Parametric vs Direct Modeling - Which One Should I Use?

Okay but how do I change the Radius for Example in this sketch i realised that the curveture needs to be a different size can i chang the radius to the dimensions the same as in the Sketch ?

Adjusting curves precisely is indeed a bit tricky in direct modeling. The best option here would probably be to select the edges at the end of the curve and move them using the Move tool:

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Thank you for your fast help. Now i know how it works.