How do I get floorplan sketch back on the XY axis?

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I’m fairly new to Shapr3D and have been making good progress with an architectural design. I started the lower level floor plan sketch centered on the XY axis and built everything up from there. Everything was working fine until I all of a sudden noticed that the sketch had shifted below the XY axis by 33 inches and causing all sorts of failures with constraints, etc. Many of the points were locked. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to move it back up, including with the move tool, but it doesn’t move the sketch. Can any anyone tell me how it fix it? I’m stuck. Thank you! --Mario

First of all, there is no fixed x-y plane. all coordinates in Shapr are relative.

As for moving the sketch, did you try selecting the sketch in the left sidebar and then selecting the Move tool?

Thanks so much for the reply – Problem fixed! The trick was selecting the sketch from the left sidebar instead of selecting all lines with pointer.