Move/rotate in sketch view

Might not be calling it by its name, but, when in sketch view, moving a body doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore.

Anyone know if there’s something I’m not doing properly?

Thank you! Screenshot attached

Hi Gingerseed!

I’ve tried to reproduce this issue but so far with no luck. Are you on the latest version? (3.57.1)
If you could record a video of how you get there, might help us find the problem.
Also, if its public, please share the workspace so I can check. :slight_smile:


Hello there and thank you! Software is current and here’s a screen record!

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Not sure if this is intentional on Shapr3D’s part, but I think that you are also selecting a sketch (which is somehow locked or constrained) when you happen to be in sketch view — which prevents everything from being moved.

Try turning off the visibility of the sketch plane before you select the object(s). Seems to work fine then. I’m still experimenting, but if you move the object(s) in 3D view, it seems to break the connection, and even if you later move the object back to its original location, it still seems to be moveable. Although, (once again, apparently — I’m still experimenting) if you “reactivate” the sketch plane buy drawing a new line or something, then the same situation happens again.

Thanks, we are investigating the problem!

We have identified the problem and aim to fix it in the next release which will come in a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Wow!! That’s amazing!

I wholeheartedly enjoy your software, by the way. It’s become an incredibly valuable tool for our business and we’re excited to grow with you guys!

Your support and care in this forum is quite remarkable as well!

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