Rotate objects/lines in sketches while in sketch mode

I’m about three months in on Shapr3D, coming from about 15 years of using Blender, which I love dearly. Shapr is a close second, and being able to take my designs with me, anywhere, anytime is wonderful.

Is it possible to rotate a sketch while in sketch mode, without having to go back out, add an axis, and rotate around that? This seems like such a simple one to change- or I am missing something….?

After double tapping and selecting the drawing, press the X (Close) in the menu and then you should be able to rotate it in place

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’ Absolutely. I do that. But lately, I’ve been working with a lot of organic shapes. My sketch planes do not lay on the standard XYZ world coordinates. The only option in that scenario is to go out of sketch edit, select the plane, add an axis through the plane, then rotate the object.

The behavior seems too complex for simply wanting to rotate lines in sketch mode. Wasn’t sure if I was missing something?

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Ahhh, I see what you mean.

If you move the origin of that UI just a little in any direction, it will orientate it along the plane that the sketch is on. Then you just need to move the origin back to the geometric center that it originally had.

The problem is that there isn’t a snap point for the center- but as long as your zoomed in, it shouldn’t be too difficult to bring it back.

I can make a video if needed :slight_smile:

Try perhaps adding a little circle like 2mm or so to the very center of the sketch, where you want to rotate it. Then, if you select everything, and then hit the X to get the rotate controls, you should be able to use the center of that circle as a snappable center point.

I THINK. Try it and see!

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SON OF A ——-

That was it. Can’t believe I missed that one.!

Thank you!

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