How do I realign all my models quickly?

I’ve managed to make all of my models on different heights against the planes…

How do I move them all back down? And is there a way to constraint the face of a model to be coincident with an axis?

Picture attached showing what I’ve only just realised I’ve done. (Oops)

Edit: Just to clarify, I’m aware that I can use the transform -> move options to select each and manually move them. However, unless I know what the starting coords are, I’m gonna have to figure out by eye when the model is coincident with the plane.

What I’m hoping for is a more automated manner. Example, is there a way to measure the x-y-z coords of a point so that I can then say “move by 19.5mm”? Or a way to say “snap this face of this model to the Y-plane”?




We have not yet implemented this behavior, but it is something we are working on.

In the meantime, you can move each body individually by following these steps:

  1. sketch a line on the plane to which you wish to move the bodies
  2. use the translate tool to select the body and drag one of its corners to the line

This will accomplish the same thing as snapping a certain face of the body to a certain plane.


That’s a great solution. Thank you very much!