How do you wrap around a braided ring?

It is not difficult to make a surround ring in other 3D software, but how to accurately stitch a uniform ring in Shapr3D? Its offset angle is really difficult to control. I tried several times but failed. Does anyone have any tips to share?

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Xiamen, is this a ring to cast…jewelry?

Can you describe the steps you used to make this, and what the challenge is? Is it that the angle does not have the precision you need to line them up? Is the area I marked in red the problem?

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hi, that’s how i solved it …

Uploading: tube.shapr…

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Thanks CurlyBee. Yes, the red marker doesn’t exactly match. That’s what I’m having. I want to make a clockwise outer circle around the circle.

Thank you BGabor. What I want to do is to circle around two hemp ropes to form a circle. Your method looks good. The bending part uses the rotation function, right? Can you upload more pictures or videos? Thank you again for your help.

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I’m curious. Your initial picture looks like a helix coil looped around in a circle. Is that what you are trying to achieve provided you can make it uniform as you are inquiring about? It appears that @BGabor 's approach is a series of concentric rings as oppose to a helix. If so, is that your preference?
(@BGabor, correct me if i’m wrong.)

Here’s something I came up with. Not sure if this is what you are after.


In your drawing you appear to have a double braid.
Is this the sort of thing you are trying to achieve…?

Threw this tri-colour together just for fun…


thelephoncord.shapr (1.2 MB)


Thank you very much for the pictures shown and the ideas and methods provided! You are great! Thank you all. What I really want to do is that two hemp ropes or two iron wires hover evenly and wrap them into a ring. I’m curious about how you calculate the precise angle of the offset?

Hi,Mike .Can you show your modeling method in video like them? Thank you very much!

Thank you !welshsteve. You’re right. What I want is two threads wrapped evenly together. If it’s convenient, I look forward to seeing your video steps.

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Hi BGabor. Thank you very much for your help again!

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Hi Chayanne. Thank you very much for your method and the video you showed! It’s really helpful to me!

The method demonstrated by @Chayanne is a perfectly viable method… for tight coils.
This is a method I’ve used on many occasions myself.
However, if you wanted coils that were a little more spaced you will run in to problems.
I will demonstrate with videos below…

Here, individual plain half coil segments have been arranged by rotating them slightly.
You’ll notice that as the segment angle changes the coil becomes flattened out.

On the contrary, if you create whole segments (360deg coils) each pulled to the desired length then a more fluid coil can be created that won’t flatten out.

I will upload a video shortly to demonstarting both techniques while creating the braided ring.


My version is quite similar to @Chayanne 's.


This is exactly what I was trying to describe. Rather than create plain half coil segments rotated against each other, I prefer to create a full 360deg coil segment.


Thank you so much, welshsteve! I believe this is what many people have been looking forward to for a long time. Thank each of you for helping everyone with these ideas!

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Thank you very much, Mike! You can always show up when you need it. I enjoy staying in this big family full of love and sharing.

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These vids are just so valuable to teach us how to get to the point where we are trying to get, thank you so much.
To add to these, i am trying to create a 3 core braided rope, it kinda looks like these techniques can be used but the coils need to be stretched right out and revolved around the axis not around a circle shape but struggling to work it out, could you show how this could be achieved?