Is it possible to sweep or bend a Helix into a ringshape (jewelery) in shapr3d?

hopefully you can follow my thoughts as my english is not too good. And I am totally new to 3D, so this question might be not smart, but I couldn´t find an answers within the plenty of tutorials. By the way thank you for good tutorials, these help a lot.

I am wondering if it is possible to sweep or bend a Helix into a ring shape (jewelry) ?
Drawing a helix is easy with the revolve tool, but how can I get this “straight” helix into a ring to wear for jewelry?
Thank you


Sorry, here is an image of what i mean.
It looks quite easy and it is easy to built in silver, but drawing seems to be difficult.


I think that this could be done. You have 18 identical spiral elements. Develop one of them and then copy and twist each one to follow the circle to complete the ring.



thank you,
I will give it a try and will let you know.
there is not always a straight way to the target, and it´s good to get things done with a work around.
best noe