Trying to create a ring... with a twist

I’m trying to figure out to create a ring, but comprised of actually two twisted rings on a cuadrant… A ring twisted with a similar ring.

Something like this:

I am thinking about SWEEPing along the ring circumference. Then MIRRORing it to get a similar but inversed body.

But the tricky part is first trying to ‘twist’ the original path along the circular perimeter to get the necessary twists in order to form the helix along the circumference.

Any suggestions?

Here is a version somewhat close to what you want to achieve. You show 2 twisted rings that are essentially interlinked like a chain link. My version is a single double ring with a twist. This is the best I can come up with. Let me know if you’d like further explanation.


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Thanks. I managed to get something like that after a couple of tries. I got a continous ring that made two loops. But the one you made looks way better, more ‘fluid’ (if I can use that word).

The original design concept is two individual rings, linked but phisycally separated. Like the links on a chain.

Here’s a different photo of the same design. It shows the two separated links as if laid flat on a sorface. You’d rotate one to be able to put the ring on a finger.

So the ‘twist’ in the loop for each ring when it is aligned makes a revolved helix, but this helix is not along a straight axis, instead the helix is revolved along the radial axis of the thoroid. (What a mouthfull…)

How did you generated the curve to change the plane of the diametral axis? That looks very nifty.

Hi there,

I took a brute force approach. The splines are not as clean as they can be. I just wanted to demonstrate one way to create curved bodies in 3D space. Although the finished part is not the desired result, perhaps it can help in achieving what you want. Maybe others can add to the discussion and come up with a better solution. The video speaks for itself. Let me know if any questions.


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This message is for Victor,

I am unable to Union one segment of this 4 body entity. For whatever reason, on one trial I was able to Union all bodies. I know that sometimes one needs to do unions in a specific order. I attached the Shapr3D file for your reference. Let me know your findings.

Regards, Mike

Twisted Ring.shapr (796 KB)

Thanks @TigerMike, I hope you’re well.
I got busy in a office project and didn’t get the chance to get back to this.
Sorry for the delay.
I’ll try following your suggestions and see how it comes out.
Best regards.

Looking at my archived saved files, I remember that I also tried the ‘brute force’ approach, but yours looks way better.
I guess I should make the ring body thinner as it approaches the smallest radius of the ring body, so it won’t press so much on the finger itself and make it uncomfortable.
I’ll see how I can fix that and try to upload the video.