How start modeling this Geodesic DOME?

Hello Guys

i wanna ask what is best (correct) way with start modeling this type of skeleton.

Thank you for any help.

This is a basic method, S3D usually has several possibilities to achieve an objective.

Overall Layout:

Hide everything except the Base Sketch01:
Because your Images have 16 Sides 360º :heavy_division_sign: 16 = 22.5º

Notice that allowance has to be made, via the inner Circles of each Pair, working from the original diameter of the Base would reduce the height of the Triangular Panels [TP] by 50mm or so.

Next the TP has to be pivoted through 90º, ensuring the Pivot Point is centre of the Triangle;e Base Line:

Duplicate this TP using Transform > Move/Rotate:

Add > Construction Plane > option Through 3 Points:

NB. Ensure that you move the Image above around, to view from all angles, until you are absolutely sure the three Points are where you intended them to be.

Then Sketch an inverted TP.
NB. It can be difficult to place the ends of the Line precisely, take care to get this spot on because it will be Copied around the Base:

Repeat for each Level using the same principals.

Thank you very much for introducing this Project. I have gained much from it although at this point have not completed a Dome but completed 3 or so Levels at low level and several Top finishes. Too many experiments to be done with the choice of penultimate Level height, this determines how ‘pointed’ or well defined the desired ‘curve’ is at the top.

Better late than never?:

Looking forward to seeing your finished result, I will try to add more later.

This has been added to display the number of Closed Shapes in this Design.
There are Eight Levels and each one contains 40 Triangular Shapes, this includes the dark blob in the centre:

With these quantities it was important to Get Organised and Stay Organised to make the task easier to manage.
Start with laying out the Basics and provide a Folder at least for each Level, this makes hiding a complete level possible with one click.
The Design shown is one that was nearest completion during my first Post. The number of facets is too high resulting in the congestion at the top two levels. If I were building this, for real, the choice would have been to use a far less number of facets.
The Starter of this Thread has chosen a sensible model to copy.


The OPs choice of sizes would look like the following images. Although this is a little larger with a 5M Base and 2.5M Height. With only 8 TPs [Triangular Panels] less per Level, a Birdseye View is far less complex compared to the off the cuff Design above…
The original plan was to avoid it looking like half of a Sphere, but in retrospect using an Arc as the delimiter of the Level Diameters the external smoothness could be improved. The overall Height was reduced, at the Top Level, to flatten out what would have presented a rather sharp point:

Using the method described Add > Construction Pane > choosing the Option Through 3 Points, is used twice in each Level. Accurately placing the 3 Points is essential and the process can be speeded up by positioning the target, clear of as many ‘distractions’ as possible, to improve the chances of first time hits:

By the time Level 3 is half completed remembering the multiples of, in this case 22.5º, becomes second nature regardless of the quantity of TPs being copied via rotation.