How to accurately project on a spherical object?

After drawing an arc on the plane, when projecting on a spherical object with the projection function, it is very difficult to project to the right position accurately at one time, and it needs to be adjusted and corrected many times. For example, accurately draw the surrounding lines of baseball. Is it possible to draw lines directly on the arc of spherical objects? Thank you very much!

I encountered a difficult problem when using the projection function on curved objects. It is very difficult to accurately project the sketches drawn on the plane to curved or circular objects. It needs to be constantly corrected and adjusted, deleted and redoed. Are there two possibilities for improvement: first, after the sketch is projected to the model, it can be easily moved and adjusted; second, it can directly develop the function of drawing sketches on curved or circular objects, so that there is no need for projection. Looking forward to an official reply. Thank you very much!

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