Trouble projecting

I’m having trouble projecting to a body created by revolving a spline. I started with an ellipse on a construction plane. When that failed, I tried a circle offset from the xy plane. Both of those result in the program quitting without any error message. I am able to project a square on to an extended cube. Hardware is a 2018 iPad (non-pro).

What’s likely user error for the project tool? What are the limitations of it?


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I have attempted to replicate, hopefully, something that is similar to your requirement?

Does this help?

Irwinning 1.shapr (116 KB)

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As you show an angled Control Plane perhaps I should have added that to alter the position of the Projection [Ellipse in this case]:

Select the Ellipse and Rotate or move it to an appropriate position before projection, or rotate the Body being Projected to whichever is easiest.

Hi, please select the “Edges” Project option instead to project the ellipse to the non-planar face.

Let me know if this helps.

Hello !

I’ve noticed another problem with project tool … or I don’t understant how it works.
It looks that I have no control on the direction from witch selected sketch is beeing projected on the body.

Hope the screenshot shows the issue well.

Currently the Projection tool doesn’t support directional projection, only closest point projection, meaning that the result curve is projected by taking the closest points to the curve on the surface.

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Oh, I’didn’t know that. Now I understand the problem, thanks a lot!