How to add my own materials

I think the answer is NO. but I want to add plywood material (plywood edge) to my model - its not available. How to add my own materials?

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    Wondering about this too
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At the moment there is no way to add custom materials, however we continuously improve the Visualization feature, so it’s possible that down the road we will reach the point to implement it. Before that, there are still some more fundamental features we would like to add.

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I hope those fundamental features include the ability to orientate the grain of wood… :thinking: :wood:


Ok. Maybe if you can add a few new materials every month will be good. I wanted to draw construction detail sections thats why I needed things like plywood (as in the edge view of plywood), mdf, end grain of solid timber etc. Suppose I can use colours in the mean time.


Yes, they do :slight_smile:

What? Really? That’s fantastic news! :grinning: