Concentric button

I would like this button to also serve to center a non-circular object as I show in the images.

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You are ‘right on the button’ :wink:, though I cannot imagine you not being able to answer your question you have all the :heavy_check_mark:

Find the centre of each object, you have done that✔️
Align the centres of the Larger object with a Sketch of the Smaller object✔️
Extrude the Smaller object find its centre✔️
Place a Sketch of the Round Button centred the Smaller Object✔️

Or have I misunderstood?

:joy::joy::joy::joy: true, but I meant that just by touching the concentric button, shapr3D would do it the same way it does when we add a sketch on a cylinder face and we want it right in the center! :wink:

Readers may notice that there is something Centric :nerd_face: to this post?

As it does not seem to function on anything else, in Sketch > Constraints > Concentric should perhaps be labeled Concentric Circles?
Sketch/Face Center only displays in Sketch, so if it is smothered by a Body you have to find a work around. It does not seem justifiable to spend resources on creating a special Tool to do this, but when and if an Alignment Feature surfaces it could possibly provide the means to simplify placement of odd shapes?

So with that in mind, in Snap [Magnet Bottom right]
Turn on Sketch/Face Center
Add Construction Plane [abbreviation CP] > Type: Offset > Insert the Offset dimension to that required for the height of your Triangle.
Manipulate the CP so that you can draw on its underside, double check that you actually draw only on the CP.
Draw a Triangle from the Center Point.
Extrude the Triangle to the appropriate dimension [as in touching the appropriate Grid Plane]
Turn the Triangle over so you can work on what was its Base.
To reveal the Center Point [I’ve made a mistake, should have used CP for Center Point :blush:] Tap on an Edge, with the Pencil, the Sketch being visible through the CP.
Draw a Rectangle, oh yes, from the Center Point.
Extrude the Rectangle to the desired height.
Note: Tapping the top of the Rectangle does not reveal the Face Center Point.
Add a CP to the top of the Rectangle.
Set the Offset for the CP to 0 [zero] height.
On the CP Trace the outline of the Rectangle using Pen.
The Center Point comes into view.
Draw the circular Button, from guess where? [did you get it right? think Centric :roll_eyes: ]
Oh the excitement is fantastic [well you know :innocent: we are having a laugh]

So it is possible, Shapr3D wins again, but you have to put make some effort.
G ‘Thinks’ david.r got it right first time? :heavy_check_mark: :+1:

Perhaps someone else can offer a really simple solution?

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