Cant align a sketched circle to a 3d object circle

I have a 3d object with a circle and I want to make a new sketch on top of it, then draw a circle that is aligned to the 3d object circle. Whatever I do i cannot get to align the sketched circle properly. It seems like the snapping is locked to the square around it only. Is this a limitation in the program? Am I doing something wrong or could this be a feature request?

I found a workaround using offset, it can make the circle from the 3d model smaller and give me cross hairs for alignment. But why can’t I just align the sketched circle with a concentric constrain or snapping? It would have been much easier…


If you select both the sketch, and the body edge, you are able to use concentric constraint. In you video, you didn’t select the sketch, just moved it’s midpoint.

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Perfect, thanks!

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