How to apply different angles

Dear Shapr3D community,
I did the basket as recommended and your instructions helped very much. Now I have a new challenge: I want to set in the „basket“ into a straight flat surface.
But now that the basket has bended shapes the angles are all different around it.

Could you please give me some Tipps on how to construct the flat table where I can set the basket in?

I tried different approaches with sweeping as well but the angles were always different and it didn’t fit.

I hope the picture can describe better my problem

Thank you so much in advance for any help

Greetings from Germany

Hi there,
If you are trying to nest the basket in a recess, then this is one way to do it. If not, please explain further what it is you want to achieve.

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Problem solved.thanks for your interest

Amazing!!! Thank you so much
I love this community :heart_eyes: