Need help on shaping a basket

Dear community, hope you are all fine! I’m trying to shape a „basket“
Please see attached picture.

I tried to revolve but then it is round shaped and I cannot shell it but I need it rectangular kind of like but with soft edges

Then I tried a different cross section but it also does not look the way I need it. Can you give me a hint on how to get near this shaped basket with the bended and rounded insides?

Sorry for my English :see_no_evil:

Thank you so much!

Greetings from Germany

Hello @Christin83 , welcome to the forum! You should first create the big bowl shape, then fillet it and use a command which hollows the body out, it is called Shell. Let me share a small step by step tutorial, I hope it helps

First, create a rectangle that meets the length and width dimensions of the bowl and extrude it to the required height. Select the top surface and make it smaller with the Scale tool to make the sides drafted.

To make the corners smooth, you should use the Fillet tool. Select the edges and move the arrow away from the body. Please note that if you move the arrow towards the body, a chamfer will be created.

And here comes the magic. There is a tool called Shell. Tap on the Shell tool, select the surface to open the body from and type in the desired wall thickness. It will hollow out the body keeping a constant wall thickness, so the inner side will be smoothly filleted too.

To create the shoulder around it which lets you grab the basket, select the side view and draw the L shape of the holder which goes around the bowl.

There is a tool that can guide this L shaped cross-section through a guide while making a body. It is called Sweep. Start the command, select the cross-section, and hit next to define the rail to sweep through. For the rail select the outer edges of the bowl and hit Done.

To make the swept and the extruded body one piece, select please use the Union tool and you will get the basic shape of your basket. The dimensions may differ from a real one, but I hope you will get the idea :slight_smile:


Peter!!! Thank you so much! This tutorial is more than I expected and really helps a lot!

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