How to Bypass New Tutorials

New guy here and to Shapr3D (free — not quite ready to commit). Lovin’ it! But, can’t figure out how to go straight to the app in v. 3 after having dipped my toes in the new tutorials (thus, bypassing these great Kuhnen (?) learning aides) that limit one’s designs to three in the unpaid version. I would love some help.

Shapr3D is, clearly, the most intuitive design software available anywhere. It is the closest thing I have seen to actual hands-on manipulation of “stuff”. It makes precise engineering design creation almost like grabbing a hunk of clay and turning it into a work of art by pushing it into the shape of your imagined concept. I know there is plenty of other software that deals with purely amorphous forms, but, this one has everything.

Hi and welcome to the Shapr community, we’re glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate a little more? I don’t quite understand what’s the problem. The 3 workspace limitation is not connected to the tutorials, it can only be lifted by purchasing the Pro subscription.

Thanx, Tamas. I think my problem is, purely and simply, ignorance. I “somehow” got myself kind of locked in to that new tutorial stuff and found myself there every time I opened Shapr3D. But, since my original post on this topic, I seem to have found an active button that took me to the main program—-once. I’ll see if I can repeat this minor success and will be back with that so as to provide proper closure to this thread.

And, many thanx to the young lady who also replied to my query.