How to carve a logo on body?

I’ve imported an illustrated pdf logo but no sketch or lines created, any idea on this ?

Hello, for a non-text logo you can place the logo image on your design as an outline, use Splines to trace the logo from the image and then extrude. For a text logo like the attached image, we have an alphabet sketch workspace which I attached to my response. You can simply project the alphabet sketches to your design and then extrude.
Alphabet.shapr (664 KB)

Or even better: with the next version you can import dxf/dwg files as sketches, that will make it easy to put your logo on a body.


you can use the app concepts to make your logo and export to dxf. then you import it from shapr3D and modify it as you wish


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Thank you guys!


Its quite good, you dont need to do any changes.