How to change monthly subscription to yearly?

Can someone please tell me how to change my subscription from monthly to yearly? I activated my subscription via the shapr3d website so my subscription isn’t listed on my iPad. The website account profile shows my monthly subscription but doesn’t offer an option to change to yearly. I’ve tried to get a response using the in-app Chat but so far no response.



Hi Scott, I have just sent you an email on how to go about switching to the yearly Business plan.
Please let us know here or simply respond to my email if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I couldn’t find your email with the instructions?

Could you please resend?

Thank you

Hi Scott, I just replied to your previous email, can you please check your inbox and let me know if the email arrived this time? :pray:

Thank you for forwarding Victor’s email.

I’m really disappointed as a shapr3d customer regarding Victor’s response to my subscription request. When I first initiated my subscription request via your CHAT feature, the $240 annual shapr3d subscription price was still being offered on both the iPad and on your website where I activated my original monthly subscription. If either your website or iPad app had provided me a means to transition to the annual subscription at that time, I would have made the transition at the $240 annual rate. Or if your company had responded to my initial request in a timely manner, the $240 subscription price would have still been active. Instead without any official shapr3d notice, I’m informed that the price has doubled! Plus today I discovered that my $27 monthly subscription has not automatically renewed? So I have no shapr3d pro access today. Seems activating my subscription via your website instead of the iPad shapr3d app was a bad decision on my part.

I’m hoping you will please reconsider my request and reinstate my subscription at the $240 annual rate. If you’re not able to approve my request, then I would appreciate you forwarding my request to the correct person within your company with approval authority.

Until now, I was okay with renewing for another month while my account was transitioned to the $240 annual rate. From my vantage point, I’ve not been treated fairly by shapr3d regarding this issue. If shapr3d is willing to correct this customer relations problem and reinstate my account at the $240 annual rate, then I’m motivated to continue my investment in shapr3d. Otherwise I will reluctantly end my relationship with shapr3d and transition to one of the other competing CAD programs.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hi Scott, thank you for sharing your concerns and feedback, it is appreciated. I forwarded it to different departments and currently, we are investigating your case as well as running some tests. I’d like to ask for your patience in this matter and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have an update, via email.

Please reference your 4/8/2021 shapr3d email from ‘Rita’ extending a 30% discount off the new business plan pricing which is more than $100 per year higher than the original $240 per year annual pricing I attempted to purchase.

I appreciate the followup to my March 9 email regarding my problem attempting to upgrade my subscription. However, stating that I ‘missed’ the original pricing opportunity is simply not accurate which I have previously detailed. I did attempt to purchase the $240 annual subscription rate on your website and also tried contacting your company while this offer was still active. As I explain previously and is documented in your records, your website failed to offer the upgrade and your company failed to respond to my request in a timely manner.

From my vantage point, your failed business practices resulted in my failure to purchase the original $240 rate. So I won’t be renewing my shapr3d subscription. I prefer to do business with more reputable companies that treat their customers fairly.

Hi @scheme, I am sorry to hear that, but let me talk with our support team first. They will follow up shortly, I think they did not understand your situation.

Thank you for the followup and revised subscription offer in line with your original subscription pricing. I’m encouraged that shapr3d is attempting in good faith to address these customer issues.

Seems my timing with your product and evolving company were less than ideal given these product/purchasing upgrade issues. Unfortunate when these business issues happen, but I certainly do recognize the challenges. With that said, I will not be renewing my shapr3d subscription.

Thank you again.