Change billing from Apple Subscription

I love Shapr3D. I am using the Beta. I just wanted to make a comment. Like myself, anyone that is still paying for Shapr3D through the Apple App store subscriptions should consider switching your billing. That’s the least we can do for having great, great software. Why give Apple 30% when we can give it all to support Shapr3D.


:heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray: sounds like… a good idea :slight_smile:


Actually it sounds like a great idea!!

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Ok I am in how do we do that?

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Subscription plans can also be purchased online from our website via the pricing page: :slight_smile:

I would like to do this as well, but my subscription is a few years old and about to renew through the apple in a couple days. is there a way that I can swap from paying through apple store to Microsoft or, even better, directly to shapr3d, without losing my cheaper price from 3 years ago?

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Same here. I pay through the App Store at the moment.

I’d love for Shapr3D to have all of my monthly subscription money, but only if the overall price to me stayed as it is and didn’t increase to the current more expensive rate.

If you switch, your price will stay the same.

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Thanks Istvan. I’ll do that before this months subscription to Apple renews.

when I go to the pricing page on your website is shows the $299 yearly price. if I push the sign up button (making sure I’m signed into my account) it pulls up my info and shows that I purchase through the apple store. the back button no longer works, the shapr3d button does nothing and there’s no way off of that page.
I don’t have a problem renewing through Apple, I just thought I would give all the money to shapr3d if possible and keep my current price.

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That’s much appreciated. You’ll need to disable the autorenewal in the App Store first. I understand that this is very cumbersome, but unfortunately we have no control over the Apple subs.