How to construct a volume diagnonale as master for sweep

Hi there,

as a newby with Shapr3d I‘m wondering wether it doesn‘t really allow to construct or if I‘m only too unexperienced to get it managed.

What I want to construct is a pending tablet with handle and suspensions of brass wire with a diameter of 4 mm:

To be shure the handle is precisely positioned perpendicular above the midpoint of the circular tablet, the suspension wires have to measured and bent precisely. Despite of many different approaches, I didn‘t manage Shapr3d to help me with that.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help in advance and best regards

Hans-Olaf Meyer-Grotjahn

I don’t think you can draw it as shown and have the center of the handle be over the center of the disk and still have equal dimensions and balance. Because you constrain the top of the three wires to be parallel.

You can easily extrude your bottom to a cylinder and reduce the top to be say 4 cm radius, forming a cut off cone, sketch the wires on the cone but the wires on top must meet a point from three equal angles.



I think you can draw it.

-Draw a concetric circle on the surface of the tablet
-Move up this circle 40 cm

  • double tap on this circle and draw the three handles axises (8 cm) but leave a litle more then 4mm ( bacause need for the sweep tool ) betwen of them.
  • draw the three hanging point on the tablet
    -to draw all of the three wire need three diferent construction plane .
  • choose the three point possibility of the construction plane. Two point on the ends of the handle and one point on the tablet. Ont his plane you can draw the center lines of the wire , then sweep a 4 mm circle on this line.
    May be work , but i think the balance of this construction will be not perfect.