How to control what moves when clicking tangent

I have two circles exactly where I want. Mirrored on the y axis one above the other… same diameter. I’ve drawn a line on one side vertical parallel to the two circles. I want to snap the line to the circles but tangent will move the line instead it moves the circle (locked). It would be nice if based on first selected, that one would remain stationary and the other would move.

Any advice?

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Hi, please make sure that both the center point and the dimension of the radius are locked to prevent the circles from being moved away.

To lock the radius, please tap on the dimension label and set a dimension, or just simply tap on the lock icon over the green tick. To lock the center point, you can just tap on the Lock constraint.

What is the reason that the system chooses which element has priority?
It feels like 90% the wrong element to assign associative links.
Then you first have to lock the elements that should not be moved.
Why can’t you choose the master and slave yourself through the order in which they are selected, as is the case with many other CAD programs?