How to create a split body box with fitted lid and base

Hello, I know this can be done manually with a lot of effort but does anyone know of a simple way to create a split box with a fitted lid to a base? Basically a snap-in male-to-female top to a base that uses a narrow leading edge and neatly fits into a matching grooved body?

I would think with the new split-body tool (cool) this would be fairly trivial but I just can’t figure out how to create the male-to-female edging.

Thanks in advance. David

Here’s a way. No need to use the split-body-tool.


You’ll doubtlessly need to add a tolerance gap to the overlap between the lid and the case, which can easily be done with the offset face tool.

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Very helpful exactly what I was searching for, thank you

Here’s a variation where I used Mirror to make the lid. The lap joint is tapered at 5° for a net fit. Alway good to add clearance as @TheBum mentioned. In addition to the lap joint, I would add some clearance.