How to create detailed plans from a design?

is there any way to make a detailed plan of the project design that I have made? I have made a computer table with drawers for printer and power supplys. with a pop up compartment for my I Mac . it looks ok but I need to make detailed plan for a carpenter to follow. I was wondering if there is such a feature in shapr3d? thanks for any information. all help much appreciated

You mean this?

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yes but I,m using the iMac beta version and it keeps telling me to upgrade to business .but I can not afford it and I already upgraded to hobby and I can not tell the difference from what I already had. is there a way to make plans on the beta version yet . thank you for you earlier help it was appreciated. looking forward to your response . thank you.

You can find information about the different pricing tiers on our pricing page: Prices and Plans | Shapr3D