4.3 - Shapr3D for Mac is here!

Hi everyone!

Shapr3D for Mac is officially out :tada:

Switch up your workflow and sketch, design, and prototype manufacture-grade models right at your desk. Tap into the seamless experience on Mac and start designing. When you’re ready to continue designing on the go, just hand off your sketches and models to your iPad.

Access all the features—including 2D drawings—in Shapr3D for iPad with a little extra:

  • Command search: Open your design and start typing the name of the tool you need. The tool will pop up right away, and you can make changes without losing a minute.
  • Area selection: You don’t need to hold down the Shift key and select individual items anymore. Just drag your mouse or trackpad pointer across the screen to easily select or cross-select items in your design space.
  • Revamped Color tool: We redesigned the Color tool so seasoned Mac users can comfortably navigate the UI and apply color to bodies and faces without a hitch.

:point_right:Keep an eye out for our next iOS update: these features are also coming to the iPad :point_left:

Before you download the app via the App Store or our website, let’s get the details straight:

  • You need a Mac that runs on Big Sur 11.0 or later.
  • Any user with a Shapr3D account can use both iPad and Mac with the same account.
  • The Standard and Business subscription plans for Shapr3D for iPad also cover the Mac version.
    If you haven’t subscribed yet, stop by our website for more info. Or, you can keep using the free version of Shapr3D on both iPad and Mac.
  • Until we provide cross-platform syncing of your designs in a future release, you can import designs on your iPad into your Mac—or vice versa—and pick up where you left off!

Last but not least… If you need some tips and tricks for Mac, we’ve got your back. Here’s a starter pack:


Unfortunately only on Big Sur, I have must use Catalina!

Woohoo :tada::champagne::confetti_ball: And we are just getting started!


Same here, still on Catalina due to other software, mostly music apps and VST plugins.
Congrats on the release though I’m sure it’s amazing.

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Ennek van valami magyarázata, hogy legalább Catalinára miért nem fejlesztettétek? :))

Hi, yes, you can read about it here:

It’s strange that I haven’t had a problem with stability on Big Sur, and I’ve been running the betas throughout development. Of course, I’m running fairly recent hardware (16" MacBook Pro, 2019 I think).

In most cases it’s not about stability, many companies are simply behind in terms of updating their software and drivers to support Big sur. E.g. DAW software are notoriously slow to update, so the users are stuck on an older OS for quite a while.

Miharu san :

1 Does the Mac version have a database of 3D objects which can be used to create a bill of materials with all parameters listed?

2 Can each 3D (parametric) object created in Shapr3D be exported in STL (or better) format with enough accuracy for timber engineering?

3 Why do we have to pay to learn if the software is useful?

Hubert Wagner


1 we don’t have BOM yet.
2 yes you can export to high quality STL
3 the app has a free version that you can use for as long as you wish, and you can also start a free trial

Could be cool to use Shapr3D on desktop Mac. Unfortunately my mac is from 2011 with old OS which can not be updated to Big Sur.
Also i have used all my wifes money to gizmos and can not ask more funding.

Please, make Shapr3D for Mac available for older MacOS versions too.

Bless you nerds !

// kai

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We did our best to make the system requirements reasonably low, I don’t think unfortunately we can make them any lower :frowning:


Well, i am good with iPad so far. Thanks for quick response.

// kai

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I’ve had a quick play with the Mac version and it’s great. Just wondering if there is a command line interface or an ability for scripting or and API?

If you start typing, a command box will open, and you can open the tools by entering their name. We don’t have scripting (yet).

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we are appreciated that you have time to reply to our questions! Thank You!

So how does that work if you’ve been an iPad user since the beginning? Does that mean we will stay grandfathered in at the $250 price for both? You know for being loyal believers in your product!

Any Shapr3D license covers cross platform usage, so yes, you can use the macOS app at no extra cost :grinning:

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When support dark mode?

I think this is fine. By the time you did the work to support much older versions they would be even more ancient than they already are. 10.15.7 would have been nice, but Apple has done so much work to improve things for developers in 11.0 (Big Sur) that the effort to support pre 11.0 is considerable.

Additionally, non-developers don’t understand the extent to which each additional operation system version added to the list of supported versions adds a huge amount of testing effort. At some point that effort is better spent on new features for the app instead of supporting older hardware and software (2011 is 10 years old - antique by computer standards! :wink: ).